Strawberry and Lime Margarita Cheesecake Trifle


Who doesn’t like cheesecake? Well me, for one. But it’s hubby’s favourite and since it was hubby’s birthday yesterday, it’s what I planned to make. Fate, however, had another plan. My grocery delivery arrived late in the afternoon, which didn’t leave me with the necessary time for my no-bake cheesecake to set in the fridge.

What to do? I decided to dump all the components into a trifle dish and call it a day. I figured that, as a trifle, it wouldn’t matter so much that the filling hadn’t firmed up yet. It could be sloppy and messy and still pass muster. I was right – this culture clash of a dessert went down a treat.

And I have a confession. I, confirmed cheesecake hater, loved it. Perhaps it was the margarita side of things that won me over? In any case I’m frankly a bit annoyed – cheesecake was one of the few not-good-for-me things I didn’t like. I think the only thing left now is deep-fried foods. Watch this space…

Strawberry and Lime Margarita Cheesecake Trifle
  • 4 cups biscuit crumbs (approx. 1 packet) digestives or graham crackers
  • 1 cup butter, melted
  • 450g or 16oz plain low-fat cream cheese
  • 1 tin (397g or 14oz) sweetened condensed milk
  • Juice of 3 limes, plus zest of 1 lime for decoration
  • 2 Tbsp of your favourite tequila
  • 2 Tbsp triple sec, Cointreau or other citrus liqueur
  • 1 cup whipping cream (double cream)
  • 4 cups strawberries, quartered, plus a few smaller ones left whole for decoration
  1. Mix melted butter with biscuit crumbs and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, mix cream cheese, condensed milk, tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Beat vigorously by hand or with electric mixer for 1 minute and set aside.
  3. In a separate bowl, whip double cream to stiff peaks and then gently fold to cheese mix.
  4. Place a 1 inch-deep layer of crumbs in the bottom of a large (or several individual) trifle dish.
  5. Carefully spoon an equivalent layer of the cream cheese filling on top, spreading evenly.
  6. Cover this layer with ½ the strawberries, leaving aside a few for decoration.
  7. Continue to layer until your dish is full.
  8. Decorate top with whole strawberries and lime zest.
  9. Refrigerate for as long as possible. This is edible straight away but will be even better the next day after the layers have firmed up.