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Trahana Soup

As regular readers may recall, I recently returned to Cyprus (where I spent many a happy childhood summer) after a long absence. One of the foods my family enjoyed in Cyprus all those years ago was Trahana soup.

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Maria’s Mandarin Mousse

So, it seems my visit to Cyprus coincided with the end of mandarin season. They were everywhere I turned, and I wasn’t complaining. There’s just something special about that flavour – distinctive and refreshing – that kicks a boring old orange’s butt any day. On…

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Mrs. Aristidou’s ‘Mandarinatha’

Yes, I’m back from Cyprus and you will be happy to know that, even with the charms of a mountain village and the turquoise waters of the Med to distract me, I still kicked into ‘work’ mode a couple of times. The first was when…

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