A Call For Submissions:


Tomayto Tomahto is a collaborative, multicultural blog based on a theme of inclusion and acceptance. Writers, artists and creative thinkers from all over the world are invited to contribute one or several posts, focusing on what unites us rather than what divides us.

You may choose to interpret this theme as narrowly or broadly as you like. Almost any topic can, if approached properly, fit the brief. Some examples to get you started:

Immigration/emigration/living abroad
Multiculturalism v. globalisation
Sports/leisure pursuits/outdoors/nature
Environmental and/or social issues
The arts/entertainment
Charity/non-profit works
Food (preferably food-related articles as opposed to simply recipes, which will be limited to cuisines that have not already been prominently featured on the blog.)



Submissions need not be written. We would also love to see photo essays, online art exhibits, music or even short film clips. Be creative!

Written submissions need not be exclusively in English. You are welcome to write in your native language, so long as you provide a complete English translation. This is simply to allow the vast majority of readers to appreciate your work. The site does have a Google translator in the footer, but I would not rely on that to best represent your meaning.

If you’re a blogger or already publishing elsewhere, there is no exclusivity requirement. You may simultaneously post here and on your blog, or even send in something that’s already been published and find a new audience for your work.

If you have an idea for a regular column or series of posts, we’d love to hear it!

Thank you for considering becoming a part of this exciting new adventure. I hope you’ll join us and that I’ll hear from you very soon,

Ruby Moukli
Editor (contact me here)


The Small Print:

For written contributions: we would like at least one ‘featured’ image of no more than 495 pixels on its longest side. This image must be your own original work or you must hold the legal right to use it. Free stock photos are available at foter.com – simply email us the link to the image you’ve chosen and we can add it into the post. There is no minimum or maximum word limit.

For photo essays/art exhibits: each image must be no larger than 495 pixels on its longest side and there is a maximum of 20 images per post. It is understood that all images are your original work, or that you have the legal right to use them (and provide proper attribution).

Submissions are unpaid, however we will be exposing your work to a new audience and will happily feature your mini bio and a link back to your blog/website. Should you become a regular contributor, your photo, bio and links will appear on the ‘About’ page.

We will not publish any material that is overtly or unnecessarily offensive, vulgar or in poor taste. We understand that these values are highly subjective but we reserve the right to make all decisions in this regard.