Autumn Tea (a poetic pause by Biren)

Swirling leaves in the autumn breeze
As summer’s laughter takes her leave
Banish the thought of cold and freeze
Refuge in a cup of tea

~ Ro-Ri San ~

The long dry summer in Minnesota this year was a time for ice cream and iced tea. We were cajoled into temporarily loosening our bonds to things winterish. By September, Northern breezes send stark reminders that we do indeed reside in the Northland, where winter nights sometimes flash with the ghostly glow of the Aurora Borealis…shudder!

It is with such wintery musings that a hot steaming cup of tea becomes a vision of earthly comfort. Not only does the scent of steeped camellia revive the senses but the palms enfolded around the teacup bring back circulation to deprived digits. Thank God for hot tea!

Somewhere between the dog days of summer and the snow drifts of winter are the urgent brief days of fall with her swirling skirts of brilliant leaves. Displays range from glorious gold to rich mauve and every shade between known to the human eye. The joy of the autumnal parade is fleeting, but leaves an enduring memory to last a lifetime. All the better when enjoyed with a cup of tea.



Biren was born in Malaysia and currently resides in Minnesota, USA. She brings her native and adopted cuisines to life on her always-appetizing food blog Roti ‘n Rice and expounds on all thing tea on her newest endeavour, Tea Tattler – Tales from the High Teas. Ro-Ri San, whose poem is featured, is her husband.